Rockville House Cleaning and Maid Services

Are you in the Rockville area and are you looking for professional and perfect house cleaning or other services? Budget-Maids can provide you with whatever you need – whether that’s a Rockville maid service or Rockville house cleaning.

We get it – house cleaning can be a real pain. If you’re a busy person and you find that you have no time for housework when you come home at night (and let’s face it, there are much better ways you can spend your time), let Budget-Maids do the hard work for you.

We have years of experience in the field of Rockville house cleaning and we will do a thorough and professional job for you. You will come home to a gleaming house – allowing you to spend your leisure time exactly as you like.

Rockville Maid Service

Do you need our Rockville maid service – on a permanent basis? Our maids will come in and make a perfect job of cleaning up your home. You can arrange for our maid service to come in while you are at work or out of the house and they will do a professional and thorough job for you. It goes without saying that we provide services you can trust and the safety and security of your home is uppermost in our minds at all times.

Rockville Cleaning Service

What do our cleaning services involve? Well, we work on the basis that there are plenty of cleaning jobs that people hate to do. We love the work that you hate! If you choose our Rockville cleaning service, here are just some of the cleaning jobs we will do for you:

·         Cleaning skirting boards

·         Cleaning the cooker

·         Washing the floors

·         Vacuuming the carpets – from top to bottom

·         Emptying the trash and washing out the bins

·         Polishing tables and furniture

·         Dusting light fixtures

·         Polishing blinds

·         Cleaning windows

At Budget-Maids, we like to do the tedious cleaning jobs – the jobs that will make a real difference to your home. Many of our Rockville house cleaning clients tell us that coming home to a clean house is one of life’s pleasures and it has made a real difference to their enjoyment of the time they spend in their homes.

Rockville is one of Maryland’s oldest towns and its origins date back to colonial America. Its name came about in 1801 when the Maryland General Assembly decided on the name Rockville because of the town’s proximity to Rock Creek.

The town’s size and population expanded slowly but steadily during the 19th Century, but it wasn’t until the second half of the 20th Century that the population rocketed – almost trebling from 1940 to 1950 and reaching 61,000 by the time of the 2010 census.

These days Rockville is regarded as a cosmopolitan city of many different neighborhoods and as an employment center for federal and county governments, and national biomed corporations.

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