Germantown House Cleaning and Cleaning Service

Did you know that Budget-Maids provides a Germantown cleaning service? We are the leading provider of cleaning services in the area and we pride ourselves on the skilled and professional (and yet competitive) services we are able to offer.

People choose Budget-Maids cleaning services for various reasons. You might be looking for Germantown house cleaning on a permanent basis, or you might be seeking out cleaning services on a temporary basis. Perhaps you would like your house cleaned before your summer vacation or perhaps you need a Germantown maid service when you have guests to stay at Thanksgiving or Christmas?

You can call us to discuss your needs and we will do our best to offer you some solutions that suit your individual requirements.

Germantown Cleaning Service

What do our cleaning services involve? Really, the answer to that question is up to you. What do you need from your cleaning service? Nowadays, people lead extremely busy lives and the thought of coming home and having to spend your time cleaning your house isn’t a very attractive one.

That’s where Budget-Maids come in! We have many years of experience of Germantown house cleaning and our team of professional cleaners take pride in the work that they do. We will take our time to provide thorough cleaning services, ensuring that you return home to a sparkling clean and welcoming home.

Our cleaning services can include:

·         Mopping floors

·         Vacuuming your home

·         Cleaning and polishing windows

·         Washing showers and sinks, and cleaning our plugholes

·         De-frosting refrigerators and freezers

·         Cleaning skirting boards

·         Polishing tables and other wooden furniture

·         Cleaning grouting

·         Wiping down kitchen surfaces

·         Washing dishes

·         And much more!

Germantown Maid Service

Would you like a maid service? We provide a Germantown maid service. We have a diverse, multi-cultural and trustworthy staff who are supervised by team leaders who will pass on your specific requirements.

A maid service can be anything from someone who comes in for two or three hours a week to provide cleaning services for you, to someone you employ during busier times, such as when you have extra guests staying or during the summer or Christmas vacation.

Our maid service is designed to make life easier for you – and to make sure that you are not spending your time cleaning up when you could be more gainfully employed. Or enjoying time with your family and friends!

Germantown is approximately 26 miles north of Washington D.C. and is bounded on the south by the Great Seneca Creek and on the north by Little Seneca Creek. There is evidence that native people lived in the area around the black rock on Blackrock Road some thousands of years ago when herds of buffalo roamed the surrounding countryside.

Europeans first started to settle in the area in the mid to late 17th Century. One of the earlier settlers, William Waters’ house survives to this day (near the intersection of Royal Crown Drive and Observation Drive in Milestone). In 1865, George Atzerodt – a co-conspirator in the assassination of the US president, Abraham Lincoln, was captured in Germantown and was later hanged.

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